One Piece Cheap Ombre Clip In Human Hair Extensions Full Head

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In this article, our expert team will let you know some important tips and features about clip in human hair extensions. We are very excited to describe all the features of clip in human hair extensions because most of the ladies are more conscious about their hair extensions. Everyone knows that hair extensions are the best way to transform the look whether your hair is short or long. Moreover, it enhances your personality. As you all know that lengthy hair is always attracting to everyone, you can have a great lifestyle with the lengthy hair extensions.

There are so many brands in the market where you can find different kind of products according to your expectations but you need to choose the right one which can suit on your hair. If you want the maximize volume of your hair extensions than you need to keep this thing in your mind that try to use the high quality products like Russian or Brazilian brands because when you talk about the lengthy hair, we know that you all are very conscious about it. In this case, you need to find out the right and high quality products which cannot affect the human hair extensions. If you would choose the low quality products, it can embarrass you more. Day by day, people are more fashionable everywhere.

In this situation, if you really want an excellent hair than clip in human hair extension is the best way to create the natural look. Therefore, now you may go everywhere in the parties or wedding events with your friends or family members. It can you more prominent in the parties. People would ask you about the secret of your lengthy hair extensions that how did you get it and how you are managing in outside.

Even you can find different colors and textures of the clip in hair extensions. This clip in human hair extensions are also available online, specially manufactured with high quality products and also very reliable for everyone. Do not keep any kinds of fear in your mind by getting our products because it’s very trusted for you.


One piece clip in human hair extensions full head is one of the top selling product. It’ll give you the complete set of full head and also extra length to your hair. One of the best part is that you can have a natural look with the one piece clip in human hair extensions. It contains the wide range of colors and textures. It only depends on which one is right for you. One piece clip in hair extensions may give the long and full length with the couple of minutes. These human hair extensions will connect with your natural hair and also can be molded & folded. You can have a curl or straight hair with having one piece clip in hair extensions. You definitely feel more confident with the beautiful, luxury and sleekly hair. One piece hair extensions are especially made with the high quality silicon.

Therefore, you don’t need to be worry about your age because it can be used in any age. This is the specialty of one piece clip in human hair extensions. If you have a very thick hair and you need to increase the volume of your hair extension than we recommend you to purchase the two hairpieces. It is a trusted or hundred percent genuine brand.

Instruction About how to Care:

Keep all these instructions in your mind because without any kind of instruction you can’t keep your hair long. These are the care instructions of one piece clip:

1-You can use the hairdryer, strengtheners or curling tools on your hair extensions to achieve the versatility of your hairstyle. But remember one thing which is very important in human hair extensions that you have to keep the less heat temperature by using the heating tools like iron or etc.

2-You have to use the high quality heat protection treatment before applying on your hair extensions, in order to keep it silky or long as much as possible.

3- You can have faster hair extensions by using the right and high quality tools but make sure this thing do not use the heating tools like spray, gel or steam iron for the long period. Because it can melt your hair.

4- After every month you need to clean the clip hair extensions with the best quality shampoo or conditioners by just filling the sink of warm water and make it sure that do not take the cold water.  Take the little bit shampoo on your hand and keep washing 2 to 5 minutes until it is not cleaned well. You go through all these process after that take the towel and cover them with the towel until it is not dry well and do not open it. Once it has been completely dry, open it slowly.

5- Our expert team says that do not pack the hair extensions in the plastic bag.

6- Application time:  10 to 15 minutes.

7-Save 8 to 12 months with the proper care.


. One hair clip with 5 attached clips.

. You can get sewing kit free with two additional clips.

Material: genuine human hair

Length: 45cm

Width: 25cm

Weight: 50g

Texture: Straight

Lifespan: 8 to 12 months but depending on how to use and care.


Most of the people can’t afford the high price clip hair extension that is why we have launched the cheap clip in human hair extensions which can be affordable for everyone. You can also find so many companies in the market who’ve been offering the cheap clip but you need to choose the brand maker one, who’s providing the quality as well. Because quality is very important for everyone. Cheap clips are very simple and easy to apply on your hair and painless to remove. If you are looking the quality and cheapest clip in human hair extension than Air Hair is best for you, who have been providing along with quality as well.

Cheap clip in human hair extension comes in different textures, curly, wave or straighter. You can get the complete package with 10 pieces. Pieces contains with the 6 inches longer and 4 inches smaller of your head. Air Hair is manufactured the entire cheap clip with the hundred percent real remy human hair. If you are looking for the colors or size in cheap clip so you can get so many colors like black, blonde, brown, ombre etc. As you know Australia is leading in hair extensions and also giving the 100 days guaranty with the cheap clip.


Ombre hair color was discovered in 2001 when the artist Aaliyah was dying her hair. Ombre hair extensions are the best way to transform your look quickly. The combination of light and dark color looks really great on so many women because it gives the sunny and luxury look. That is why ombre color is getting more popular in all over the world. It can groom your personality. It comes in great features and size. If you want to make obmre pop color than you need to go 1-2 lighter shades for the bottom. It can be customized as the shades of your natural hair extensions to achieve the great luxury final look and also feel more confident. All these extensions are manufactured with the hundred percent remy human hairs.

Ombre still one the strongest look on everyone. It came few years ago in the market. Most of the Hollywood celebrities love to have the ombre clip in human hair extensions. When you talk about the experiment than ombre provides you in different style like curled, waved and tousled style. If you want to achieve something with your hair, take a few images and visit to your best salon. As you know that ombre trend being so popular in most of the salon.

Some top Ombre shades:

1-Classic Ombre:

Most of the time ombre styles have dark top and lighter bottom features. Same goes with the case of classic ombre style as well. This is the best way to enhance your look with having classic ombre style. It may help you a lot. You should switch up your style for the fun version. If you love to see the funky colors or shorter length than you should go with it.

2-Rainbow Ombre:

As you know that people want some creative look with the hair extensions so we would like to say something about rainbow color which can make your look totally different. It might be able to change your life because red, blue, green and orange colors are the mixture of rainbow obmre. It always suit on those girls who have fair look.

3-Dip Dye Ombre:

You can have a thickness, shinny, sunny or lengthy hairstyle with the dip dye ombre because it comes with the great features. But you cannot be dyed this dip dye ombre clip. It’s already been dyed with the great colors. You can curl and straighten by using the electronic tools. Naturally it’s a soft and washable clip. You cannot be embarrassed with our dip dye clip. It comes in the reasonable prices and also very easy removes and install.

4-Neverland Beauty curly ombre:

Neverland beauty comes with 5 clips, if you are looking to restyle your hair extensions and looking a different length than neverland beauty curly ombre is the best option for you. Neverland beauty is one of the silky and soft clips in all over the clips. You can see yourself more fashionable with the neverland beauty clip. Most of the women use to wear this clip in special occasion like weddings or parties. You can get the complete length with 24 inches and 135g of hair clip.


Everyone knows that blonde shade comes in different textures and colors. Ranging from platinum to strawberry to golden, it can be very easy to find out the right hair extensions to perfectly blend into your hair. We have a variety of blonde shades in which you can find the right color for your hair . This hair extensions are very easy to apply and can be styled as you would style it. Your clients will love the blonde color and wonder that how does it use in order to length the volume of hair extensions.

We have a wide range of blonde clip in human hair extensions. It is also available in different size or weight , according to your expectation. You can perfectly match the blonde clip with your hair extensions. You have seen blonde hair extensions on so many women and also number of salons has been using this blonde clip.