How To Put In Clip In Hair Extensions For Short Thin Ponytail 7 Pieces Hair

how to put in clip in hair extensions

I hope you all are very excited to get to know about that how to put in clip in hair extensions with the easiest way. So today we are going to teach you some basic or technical ways in which you could completely understand. You have seen so many ways that how people put in clip in hair extensions. Therefore, you just need to find out the right instructor technique and little bit practice by yourself. Once you’ll go through all the procedure than it could become more easy and efficient for you by making the style or fixing the clip in hair extensions. This is the basic ways to come to know the right hairstyle which can be attract on you. What you need to do, you need to get the brand maker company who could most closely match on your natural hair color or textures. Once you have got the right hair texture, you should bring it and ask to your hairdresser for the comparison of hair color during the natural light in the day time. If they get satisfied after that you should carry it same as it.

Here are few steps to know before you get hair extensions:

Step A:

Before going to make a hair extensions just need to make it sure that your natural hair should be dry or tangle free completely. Once hair gets dry than you can start with placing the fingers on one side of your hairline an inch or below your ears, need to separate your hair on this side and fix the top layer into the clip. As you know most of the extension set comes in two or three weft for the back of the head but it comes in high rang price.

Step B:

Most important step is that you have to find the middle side of your head, take a brush and backcomb the root side of the hair and use the little bit hairspray after that you can fix the clip on the roots as possible as close. If it gets secure at the right place, fix the side clip as close to your face as much. Once clipped in, brush on your hair that extensions falling into the natural layers. Get a straighter and straight the layers check it out styler is compatible with the hair extensions.

Step C:

Once you have done the whole procedure of the hair extensions than brush on the full head and leave it straight or style as you naturally would like to make it.

How to put in clip in hair extensions for short hair easy guide:

We have got so many reviews about how you can manage unlimited attach clips in hair extensions on your natural hair. Several time people ask me how to put in clip in hair extensions for the short hair. Today we are going to share with you our secret tips and tricks in which you could be more relax and confident. The major benefit of the clip in hair extensions is that you can remove and install at any time and wash it alone. It can’t be damage or spoil your natural hair growing up. Still if you are living with short hair and it’s getting more uncomfortable to manage for you and you won’t be take any hassle. SO stay with us you’ll find many ways to manage the short hair extensions. Moreover, if you want to increase your hair length or add some more volume than clip in hair extensions are the great options for you to do it because you can treat as like as you natural hair that is the specialty of these hair extensions.

The first and the most important step is that you need to find the right color textures which could be much closer on your natural hair. Once you have got the perfect color matched, and then dry your natural hair completely. Before going to start, need to know that what kind of style you actually want it. If you would like to have a gorgeous look than you should buy the perfect set of six pieces clip because with the six pieces clips you can have your best look which you have never got it before. Start brushing to your complete head and set your hair properly. Once it has been done than find out the middle side of your head and pick the back layer on roots and put the clip on the roots as much as possible.

After that you have to implement the same thing from the right, left than top and bottom side of the layers. One by one you can attach the whole set of the clips and try to see the complete style of your hair. I am damn sure you would love to use these tricks.

Grab the tools you should have before going to make it.

1-Back-combing comb

2-Few clips to fix hair in section.

3- Hairspray.

4- Clip in different size.

How To Put In Clip In Hair Extensions For Thin Hair Step By Step Guide:

As you know very well that thin hair always create a problem for making a good kind of style because most of the time it could unable to manage it. If you have a crucial time with your thin hair so doesn’t take any stress. Because we are going to tell you whole preparation section one by one that how to put in clip in hair extensions for the thin hair. This is very important to know for those women who have a quite thin hair so far. You just need to make keep focusing with us. That’s all we need it.

Prepping Section:

Before going to make a hair style, you have to prep every section for extra support or security because of the thin hair. Start fixing the clip to secure your all hair away from the area. Use one hand to hold below of your hair and fix one clip on the head from the other hand. Push the comb three times on the head. Use your finger to open the clip and push with the thumb to the center of the clip and pushing back thumb to close the clip.

You can have a four pieces of the clips; place them all one by one. Started from the right side of the scalp place your finger at the roots and pick the right layer then fix it at the roots. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the clips, put it in left side then top to bottom side. Keep filling the blank areas of your natural hair.

How to put in clip in hair extensions for a high ponytail:

Most of the women love to make a high ponytail style but it depends on the situation that what kinds of mood or occession you are going for. High ponytail can be suited on you with having a proper dressed up. If you are having a soft or silky hair than it could be easy to make the style. Therefore, if you want to look more beautiful with the high ponytail than follow these instruction.

Tools for high ponytail:

Bobby pin.



Hair elastic.


Step 1:

Dry your hair completely as much as you can and let them some texture for the proper ponytail. Once it’s been done than pull your hair up  to the  front of the head. One thing is important to know that you are  pulling your hair up not back, find the middle of your head. After that you need to hold the ponytail in the right place with one hand and use the other hand for whole brusing. Make sure that your hair get smoothy and silky than your ponytail would stay in place for the long.

 Step 2:

Once you have the made the perfect ponytail placement on the center of your head than use the elastic to secure the pony into the right place.

Step 3:

If you want to show your ponytail looking good, not feeling just like you came from racing. You need to take 1 inch hair from the urderside of the ponytail and cover it around the hair elastic. You can also use the boby pin to hide the elastic. Keep pushing boby pin underside of the hair elastic.

Step 4:

If you want to extend the volume and texture of the ponytail. You can use fine-tooth comb, hairspray or other tools to make it up and down flow. Whatever you would like to make it you can do by using the tools.

How to put in clip in hair extensions 7 pieces:

7 pieces clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution for those women who actully wanted a longer and thicker hair without any kind of  wait. It can also be very easy for you to maintaining the style. You can place all of them without any hassle of glues and other tools. Seven pieces clip in hair extensions are manufectured with the 100 percent Russian Remy human hair. It also comes in wide range of colors and textures. Russian brand use to make the highest quality in the market. That is why Russian hair become the top seller in the market so far because it does not damage you natural hair by making the style. You can use it however you want to use. You might can be used for the  permanent basis. No one can judge you that you have weared the  hair extensions. You can take it long as much as you want. One of the instent and easiest way to extend you volume.


Material: 100 % Russian remy human hair.

Weight: more than 70 gram.

Size: Available in 15 inchs to 20 inchs.

Set: Complete 7 pieces.

Manufectured: High quality silicon.

Style:  Curly, wave and straight.